october 2018

West Coast Taekwondo News Letter: October 2018

It’s already the end of October 2018 and in this news letter, we’ll be talking about the new store, celebrating student success and boasting about our action packed sparring sessions. But first, If you haven’t been fortunate enough to visit our epic martial arts classes in Carmarthenshire, click here to take advantage of 2 FREE lessons.

Review of the Month

For October 2018, our review of the month will go to Karen Kilburn on behalf of her son Alex. Thank you for the kind words!

Alex has been going the last few months and really enjoys. He has made new friends and is really improving with his coordination, he has dyspraxia so the discipline and focus of Taekwondo is helping him greatly. Gethin is a great teacher, very encouraging to all his pupils, making the class fun with discipline at the same time. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking for a fun and focused activity. Thank you.

New Store Coming Soon

october 2018

A new extension is coming to the West Coast Taekwondo website. We’ll be launching our new online store in time for Christmas this year. The store will contain an order form for suits, club merchandise and sparring gear.

Club Sparring

Our students have recently engaged in some serious sparring practice. Sparring is the practical element of Taekwondo where our students put their techniques to the test against each other. These sessions are highly supervised and a boat load of fun!

Martial Arts Badge

october 2018

Congratulations to Matthew, Summer and Connor for achieving their martial-arts badge with the scouts. I was so proud to have the opportunity to write a recommendation for these awesome ninjas!

That’s All for Now

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