West Coast Taekwondo Bully Resources

West Coast Taekwondo Bully Resources

Welcome to the West Coast Taekwondo Bully Resources.

The following post provides parents and guardians with our best videos, blog posts and partnerships we have regarding bullying.

Resource No. 1: How to Keep a Bullying Journal

First of all, it is essential that you document all incidents. This helps to monitor the frequency of bullying and can be used as evidence against those accountable.


Resource No. 2: A Parents Guide to Dealing With Bullies

Next up, it’s time to map out a plan. This next post is a step by step guide on the effective actions that you can take to put a full stop to bullying.


Resource No. 3: Build Your Childs Confidence

When the dilemma ends, it’s not over for the child. Your child may struggle with confidence issues after a series of bullying incidents. That is why we’ve thrown this post in the mix!


External Resources

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