fitness for boxing

Fitness for Boxing

When we talk about fitness for boxing, we primarily consider stamina. Stamina is a series of physical and mental capabilities that allows a boxer to last longer and maintain a high intensity. These capabilities include cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance and mental fortitude. This article, Fitness for Boxing, is about stamina but understand that strength training …

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self-defence alarm

Self-Defence Alarm 

I’ll tell you what most students come away with when they go to Freshers; A Self-Defence Alarm. These are also known as personal security alarms and rape alarms (although that last one is never used on the packaging). I want to teach you how to use your self-defence alarm. I’m going to teach you when …

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cross hands martial arts classes

Cross Hands, This is How I’m Going to Build Your Child’s Confidence and Focus

Since early September last year, we have helped children to build their confidence, improve their focus and learn effective self-defence. Therefore, you are about to learn exactly how we did it in the town of Carmarthen and how we will do it again through our Cross Hands Martial Arts Classes. We are ready to meet …

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Watch Trap

Watch Trap

Being asked for the time seems innocent enough. It’s a common request that doesn’t take ten seconds to fulfil but it may be the watch trap. What is the Watch Trap? The watch trap is a tactic employed by muggers to deviate your attention. Once asked for the time, you will divert your eyes down …

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