Life Style

The Life Style section of this blog is dedicated to three core areas. They are 1) Action 2) Accountability & 3) Abundance. These are our success principles.

goal setting theory

Goal Setting Theory

There are many ways that we can set goals. The way we choose a goal setting theory completely depends on our ambition and our mentality. There are three particular ways which are very popular in the world of personal development. You can see how each goal setting theory has been dissected below. Goal Setting Theory …

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Master Few, Not Many

Master Few, Not Many

 A consistent trend I’ve seen between many of the top fighters is their ability to master few, not many. As Bruce Lee once put it… “Fear the man who has practiced one technique a hundred times, not the man who has practiced a hundred techniques.”  By doubling down on your strengths, you see a drastic …

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Growing Up Successfully

Growing Up Successfully

I’m not a parent. I have no immediate plans to have kids but as a coach, I take a great deal of interest in childhood development. This includes today’s topic, “Growing Up Successfully.” One day, I was driving along whilst listening to Tim Ferris interview Maria Shevapova, the internationally acclaimed tennis star. You can listen …

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