martial arts in carmarthen

Martial Arts in Carmarthen

West Coast Taekwondo has been offering martial arts in carmarthen since September 2017. In just over six months, we now have three classes in three different locations around Carmarthen. At the time of posting this blog, the classes are:

  • JUNIOR KICKERS: 5pm at Abergwili Church Hall

If you have a child who wishes to learn martial arts in Carmarthen, this epic class for 6 to 12 year old kids is for you! This class offers more than basic self-defense. The class features activities which are designed to improve a child’s focus and physical literacy.

“Alex has been going the last few months and really enjoys. He has made new friends and is really improving with his coordination, he has dyspraxia so the discipline and focus of Taekwondo is helping him greatly. Gethin is a great teacher, very encouraging to all his pupils, making the class fun with discipline at the same time. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking for a fun and focused activity. Thank you.”

Karen Kilburn, Taekwondo Parent

  • TAEKWONDO FAMILIES: 7pm at Trinity Sports CentreĀ 

The class at Trinity Sports Centre is one of our most popular class. Although it is mainly made up of adults and older teenagers, a junior student will not feel out of place. Many of our students absolutely love our stand alone punch bags!

“Fantastic instructor! Gethin has underpinning scientific knowledge that make his sessions enjoyable, relevant and beneficial. Whether you’re a novice or a serious competitor, Gethin’s background and experience within the sport and sporting world, ensure his sessions cater for all.”

Marcus Twine, World Championship Finalist

martial arts in carmarthen

  • TAEKWONDO FAMILIES: 6.30pm at Model School

Model School is our second family friendly Taekwondo class. As this session is relatively new, we are currently averaging 9 to 11 students per class. For this reason, many new beginners feel very relaxed in this environment.

“Brilliant instructor I’ve signed up all 3 children to his taekwondo classes, he is great with the children, helps give them confidence & gives everyone such a warm welcome, we look forward to his classes every week – a 5 star instructor!!!”

Fiona Tymons, Taekwondo Parent

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