fight bullying and harassment at school

Fight Bullying and Harassment at School

To fight bullying and harassment at school, the victim, the guardians and the teachers must work as a team. When the teacher makes you feel like a time waster, don’t stop! Follow the guidelines below.

Fight Bullying and Harassment at School By Managing the Victim First

Noticing Bullying

Many victims consume bullying as apart of their identity. It’s all they think about and it curses their thoughts morning, day and night. It effects their performance at school and it changes their physical habits.

Look out for the following changes…

  1. Skipping meals or over eating
  2. Less exercise
  3. Avoiding favorite hobbies
  4. Less time with friends
  5. Restlessness
  6. A drop in school grades
  7. Less talkative
  8. More time in his or her room
  9. Coming home late
  10. Taking longer to get out of bed
  11. More sensitive
  12. Somewhat aggressive

I often speak about the value of the family meal. It is the easiest way to spot if one of your children or your partner is acting out of the ordinary. Other activities with your child such as sports, walking or simply going out to the cinema may also do the same thing.

When your child Approaches You

It’s so tempting to go in all guns blazing. Shout at the teacher, punch the bullies parent or maybe get annoyed at your child for not approaching you sooner. Remember, it’s not about you.

If your child tells you that he or she is being bullied, remain calm and mindful. Just listen until your child has stopped talking. Ask open ended questions such as…

How often does this child pick on you?

What does this child do to you? This is an important question because it may bring up physical and emotional harm.

Who have spoken too about this?

The final question should always be “what would you like me to do next?” 

This is critical. To fight bullying and harassment at school, your child must feel comfortable talking to you but if you go over your child’s head, he or she may not trust you again.

Your child may believe that if you tell the teacher, the teacher may punish the bully and then the bully may strike your child as a result.

How to Fight Bullying and Harassment at School by Going to the Top

We start with the head master but sadly, it’s not always enough. You’re about to learn how to fight these incidents by taking it as far as it can go.

Before you continue, it is essential that you log all bullying incidents. Check out this post on keeping a diary against bullies. 

Every single incident will be logged and it will be reported to the head master. This includes what happened, where it happened and at what time.

When you write to the head master, send an electronic letter (email) and a regular letter in the post. Keep one for yourself by printing off the email and placing it in your diary.

If the head master does not take the appropriate action, write to the chair of governors. At the same time, write a complaint to your local council and ask for a meeting.

Before the meeting, get a copy of your child’s education records as a decrease in performance at school is a strong piece of evidence. You may also wish to ask other parents if their child has been bullied too.

Whilst at the meeting, ask the local education authorities to carry out an investigation. Also ask if other reports have been made and ask if the welfare officer has been involved.

Closing Notes

The video below contains further information on this topic. It is apart of my self-defence series on YouTube which you may find by clicking here.