cyber bullying and online harassment

Cyber Bullying and Online Harassment

Cyber bullying and online harassment can happen 24/7. Due to automation, somebody you know may be bullied persistently and those who are responsible may partake in this form of bullying in secret. Out of all forms of bullying, cyber bullying is the most difficult to spot.

Cyber  Bullying and Online Harassment May Happen on Multiple Platforms

Social networks are growing in number and in popularity. Although Facebook is the most popular platform with 2.2 billion monthly users, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are massivly popular with teenagers and younger adults.

You may use Whats App, Facebook Messenger or SMS to contact your friends and family. A bully may use these services to cause harm.

What Classes as Cyber Bullying?

It is highly lightly that you know someone who has been given grief online. Any abusive language or gesture is classed as cyber bullying. Threats and identity theft are also common. People may also upload videos or photographs of you or somebody you know.

How Do You Deal with the Issue?

You are unable to track who the culprit is but the police can. They may use data from hosting companies or API keys to find out where the bullying originates from.

This form of harassment is illegal and should be stopped at the heart of the incident. This is not something that the school may be able to deal with. You must call the authorities.

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