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The Original Korean Karate Hits Carmarthen

Welcome to a Carmarthen Karate class with a Korean twist! Derived from Karate, Taekwondo was formed for the Korean military. Taekwondo was once used as an effective form of attacking but has now been re-purposed for self-defence.

The Origins of Karate

Karate is a Japanese word meaning “empty hand.” It originated on the Okinawa island.

The Okinawa style of martial art was formed as a method of self-defence when weapons were banned by the invading Japanese military.

Settlers of Okinawa during that time include people from South East Asia, China and Japan. Each of these groups had contributed to the birth of Karate.

Evolution of the Art

In 1905, Karate was put into the Japanese education system. In 1917, Funukoshi gave his first public demonstration. Funukoshi was the founder of Shotokan Karate.

Karate Moves to Korea

Choi Hong Hi was a Korean man who moved to Japan to study. He studied English and mathematics. He also studied Shotokan Karate under Funukoshi.

Fast forward to the later part of his military career. It was 1955 and Choi had assembled a demonstration team to tour China and Vietnam. He was promoting his own Martial Art, Taekwondo.

What is the Main Difference Between Original Karate and Taekwondo? 

Karate was originally formed for self defence. Furthermore, it placed heavy emphasis on striking with the hands as combat mainly took part in marsh land.

Taekwondo was put forward as a method of unarmed attack. It was a weapon for the South Korean military. It placed more emphasis on kicks for the following reasons:

  1. Kicking down on opponents whilst fighting on a hill.
  2. Knocking enemy troops off their horses by using jumping kicks.
  3. Jumping over one person for the purpose of striking somebody else on the other side.

Method number 3 is known as the flying high kick. It was one of the most impressive feats that a member of General Choi’s demonstration team had performed.

What is Taekwondo Now?

Taekwondo is know used as a way of self-defence. Furthermore, Taekwondo is a fantastic tool for building discipline, improving confidence and developing all aspects of fitness.

We teach the style of Taekwondo at our Carmarthen Karate classes.

What do Our Students Say About Our Carmarthen Karate Class?

“Alex has been going the last few months and really enjoys. He has made new friends and is really improving with his coordination, he has dyspraxia so the discipline and focus of Taekwondo is helping him greatly. Gethin is a great teacher, very encouraging to all his pupils, making the class fun with discipline at the same time. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking for a fun and focused activity 🙂 Thank you”

Karen Kilburn, Parent.

“My son has been attending with Gethin since September 2017. Gethin has a fantastic rapport with children and my sons confidence and self esteem has improved greatly. Not only is my son having fun and keeping fit but he is also learning discipline and has his first grading in the very near future! I thoroughly recommend West Coast Taekwondo. Keep up the good work Gethin.”

Heidi Bassett, Parent.

“Brilliant instructor I’ve signed up all 3 children to his Taekwondo classes, he is great with the children, helps give them confidence & gives everyone such a warm welcome, we look forward to his classes every week – a 5 star instructor!!!”

Fiona Tymons, Parent.

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