West Coast Taekwondo News Letter: October 2018

It’s already the end of October 2018 and in this news letter, we’ll be talking about the new store, celebrating student success and boasting about our action packed sparring sessions. But first, If you haven’t been fortunate enough to visit our epic martial arts classes in Carmarthenshire, click here to take advantage of 2 FREE lessons.

Review of the Month

For October 2018, our review of the month will go to Karen Kilburn on behalf of her son Alex. Thank you for the kind words!

Alex has been going the last few months and really enjoys. He has made new friends and is really improving with his coordination, he has dyspraxia so the discipline and focus of Taekwondo is helping him greatly. Gethin is a great teacher, very encouraging to all his pupils, making the class fun with discipline at the same time. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking for a fun and focused activity. Thank you.

New Store Coming Soon

october 2018

A new extension is coming to the West Coast Taekwondo website. We’ll be launching our new online store in time for Christmas this year. The store will contain an order form for suits, club merchandise and sparring gear.

Club Sparring

Our students have recently engaged in some serious sparring practice. Sparring is the practical element of Taekwondo where our students put their techniques to the test against each other. These sessions are highly supervised and a boat load of fun!

Martial Arts Badge

october 2018

Congratulations to Matthew, Summer and Connor for achieving their martial-arts badge with the scouts. I was so proud to have the opportunity to write a recommendation for these awesome ninjas!

That’s All for Now

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West Coast Taekwondo News Letter: September 2018

In the September 2018 news letter, we’ll be discussing the Club Official program, new classes in Ammanford and Ria’s success at the Little Ninja’s class. Enjoy our new addition to the West Coast Taekwondo  blog but remember, we offer first time students 2 free trail lessons. Click here to access yours.

Review of the Month

A massive thank you goes out to Kelly for this lovely review. I’m thrilled to say that Kelly has now joined the black belt journey with her daughter Summer and her son Connor.

“My two have been going to west coast taekwondo for a few months now. Gethin is amazing with them and has a great relationship with the children. He’s firm and fair. He takes the time to help them and will keep you updated on how they are progressing. He is a fantastic coach. It’s been great to see them progress. My son Connor has improved greatly over the months. And my daughter summer her confidence is growing. Gethin rewards the children with their hard work each week. It’s nice to know they are learning a skill to help protect them should they need it.”

One Year Anniversary

Our first class ran on the 5th of September, 2017. In attendance were four students and three of them were members of my family. I’m thrilled to say that we’re rapidly approaching 80 students who are building their confidence, strengthening their focus, staying active and learning life saving self-defence.

Club Officials

Five of our students have volunteered themselves as Club Officials. Their roles involve welcoming new students, coaching, promoting the club and ensuring that West Coast Taekwondo runs smoothly as it continues to grow.

The top performing club official for each month will receive a prize. This month, Carla Whittal-Williams has won two cinema tickets for running effective warm-ups and for being so proactive in welcoming our visitors.

Little Ninja’s

Thank you Ria Appleby for the success of our new “Little Ninja’s” class. The Little Ninja’s class has been specifically designed for 3 to 6 year old children. They learn basic Taekwondo, essential self-defence principles and fundamental movement skills such as running, throwing, catching and jumping.

As a brilliant school teacher, Ria is very talented at holding the Ninja’s attention, teaching them new skills and making sure they have a boat load of fun in the process.

Hello Ammanford

Yes, we’re launching two new classes in Ammanford! As of the 3rd of October, 2018, we’ll be running a “Junior Kicker” class for 7 to 12 year old children at 5pm every Wednesday. We’ll aslso be running a “West Coast Families” class for those who are 7 years and above at 7pm every Wednesday. The venue is…

Ammanford Rd, Tycroes, Ammanford SA18 3QJ

That’s All for Now

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West Coast Taekwondo Bully Resources

Welcome to the West Coast Taekwondo Bully Resources.

The following post provides parents and guardians with our best videos, blog posts and partnerships we have regarding bullying.

Resource No. 1: How to Keep a Bullying Journal

First of all, it is essential that you document all incidents. This helps to monitor the frequency of bullying and can be used as evidence against those accountable.


Resource No. 2: A Parents Guide to Dealing With Bullies

Next up, it’s time to map out a plan. This next post is a step by step guide on the effective actions that you can take to put a full stop to bullying.


Resource No. 3: Build Your Childs Confidence

When the dilemma ends, it’s not over for the child. Your child may struggle with confidence issues after a series of bullying incidents. That is why we’ve thrown this post in the mix!


External Resources

For additional advice, West Coast Taekwondo recomends

We Hope That The West Coast Taekwondo Bully Resources Help You…

Please click here for more self-defence lessons on YouTube.

Looking at Activities for Kids in Carmarthen?

So, it’s after school and your child is lazing away in front of the TV, IPad or Xbox. You know there’s activities for kids in Carmarthen but you’re busy exhausting yourself with cleaning the house or cooking dinner.

We have the most accessible activities in town…

Our aim at West Coast Taekwondo is to keep kids active, build their confidence and introduce them to a boat load of new friends. As a bonus, your kids will learn life saving self-defence.

All whilst making life easier for you…

We’re Just Ten Minutes Away

You may find our enjoyable and energetic activities for kids in Carmarthen in one of our four classes which are distributed around the local area.


5PM At Abergwili Church Hall

7PM At Trinity Sports Centre


4.45PM At Tumble Hall

6.30PM At Model School

What Will You Do Whilst Your Kids are Taking Part in Our Activities in Carmarthen?

Okay, so the class is just one hour long. However, our coaches are always there fifteen minutes before the class.

You don’t have to stay here and watch!

You can crack on with your household tasks without your child distracting you. That means you’ll be finished in time for a cup of coffee.

Super Parents Bring their Children to West Coast Taekwondo

They know that their children are learning self defence, burning energy and getting stronger.

They know that our coaches are trained in physical literacy and improve children’s balance, coordination and other aspects of movement.

Finally, our parents are big fans of how much discipline and focus our little Ninjas achieve.

It’s time for you to take advantage of 2 Free Lessons by clicking here. 

With 30,000 people in our organisation, you can’t go wrong. Learn more about the Taekwondo Association of Great Britain by clicking here.

Cyber Bullying and Online Harassment

Cyber bullying and online harassment can happen 24/7. Due to automation, somebody you know may be bullied persistently and those who are responsible may partake in this form of bullying in secret. Out of all forms of bullying, cyber bullying is the most difficult to spot.

Cyber  Bullying and Online Harassment May Happen on Multiple Platforms

Social networks are growing in number and in popularity. Although Facebook is the most popular platform with 2.2 billion monthly users, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are massivly popular with teenagers and younger adults.

You may use Whats App, Facebook Messenger or SMS to contact your friends and family. A bully may use these services to cause harm.

What Classes as Cyber Bullying?

It is highly lightly that you know someone who has been given grief online. Any abusive language or gesture is classed as cyber bullying. Threats and identity theft are also common. People may also upload videos or photographs of you or somebody you know.

How Do You Deal with the Issue?

You are unable to track who the culprit is but the police can. They may use data from hosting companies or API keys to find out where the bullying originates from.

This form of harassment is illegal and should be stopped at the heart of the incident. This is not something that the school may be able to deal with. You must call the authorities.

If you found this useful, you may also appreciate the following blog posts.

You may also appreciate our Self-Defence Series on our YouTube Channel. Simply click here.

Furthermore, those who are in the Carmarthen area may access 2 FREE Lessons with West Coast Taekwondo by clicking here. 


Fight Bullying and Harassment at School

To fight bullying and harassment at school, the victim, the guardians and the teachers must work as a team. When the teacher makes you feel like a time waster, don’t stop! Follow the guidelines below.

Fight Bullying and Harassment at School By Managing the Victim First

Noticing Bullying

Many victims consume bullying as apart of their identity. It’s all they think about and it curses their thoughts morning, day and night. It effects their performance at school and it changes their physical habits.

Look out for the following changes…

  1. Skipping meals or over eating
  2. Less exercise
  3. Avoiding favorite hobbies
  4. Less time with friends
  5. Restlessness
  6. A drop in school grades
  7. Less talkative
  8. More time in his or her room
  9. Coming home late
  10. Taking longer to get out of bed
  11. More sensitive
  12. Somewhat aggressive

I often speak about the value of the family meal. It is the easiest way to spot if one of your children or your partner is acting out of the ordinary. Other activities with your child such as sports, walking or simply going out to the cinema may also do the same thing.

When your child Approaches You

It’s so tempting to go in all guns blazing. Shout at the teacher, punch the bullies parent or maybe get annoyed at your child for not approaching you sooner. Remember, it’s not about you.

If your child tells you that he or she is being bullied, remain calm and mindful. Just listen until your child has stopped talking. Ask open ended questions such as…

How often does this child pick on you?

What does this child do to you? This is an important question because it may bring up physical and emotional harm.

Who have spoken too about this?

The final question should always be “what would you like me to do next?” 

This is critical. To fight bullying and harassment at school, your child must feel comfortable talking to you but if you go over your child’s head, he or she may not trust you again.

Your child may believe that if you tell the teacher, the teacher may punish the bully and then the bully may strike your child as a result.

How to Fight Bullying and Harassment at School by Going to the Top

We start with the head master but sadly, it’s not always enough. You’re about to learn how to fight these incidents by taking it as far as it can go.

Before you continue, it is essential that you log all bullying incidents. Check out this post on keeping a diary against bullies. 

Every single incident will be logged and it will be reported to the head master. This includes what happened, where it happened and at what time.

When you write to the head master, send an electronic letter (email) and a regular letter in the post. Keep one for yourself by printing off the email and placing it in your diary.

If the head master does not take the appropriate action, write to the chair of governors. At the same time, write a complaint to your local council and ask for a meeting.

Before the meeting, get a copy of your child’s education records as a decrease in performance at school is a strong piece of evidence. You may also wish to ask other parents if their child has been bullied too.

Whilst at the meeting, ask the local education authorities to carry out an investigation. Also ask if other reports have been made and ask if the welfare officer has been involved.

Closing Notes

The video below contains further information on this topic. It is apart of my self-defence series on YouTube which you may find by clicking here.

5 Reasons Why Taekwondo Helps Children with ADHD

Before I go into why Taekwondo helps children with ADHD, it’s important to understand what ADHD is. To help with this, I’ve extracted text from the NHS website.

“Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a group of behavioural symptoms that include inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. Symptoms of ADHD tend to be noticed at an early age and may become more noticeable when a child’s circumstances change, such as when they start school.”


To expand on the text above, this is what we usually see when a child with ADHD comes into our club for the first time.

  1. He or she talks over our coaches.
  2. The head keeps moving frantically.
  3. Eyeline is directed to irrelevant objects.
  4. The child randomly throws him or herself to the floor.
  5. Frequent running around in his or her space during class.

This fades out quickly. On many occasions, this behavior fizzles out within a single class. So why do these changes occur?

Structured Session Plans

The beginner practices a set series of movements in small combinations. Overtime, the student learns to put these combinations together into a fluent Taekwondo pattern. This teaches the student patience, discipline, structure and long-term-gratification. It also improves their concentration and listening skills.

Self Control

As your child kicks and punches the pads, you will see a great development in his or her self-control. Your child will develop an understanding of his or her strength, improve accuracy and expel energy in our class so that they are more relaxed at home.

Setting Attainable Goals

The majority of sports only offer an external award that is based on being competitive. Although exposure to competitions can be a fantastic thing, many children with ADHD often believe that they never win at anything. By bringing your child to West Coast Taekwondo, they can earn a belt every three months without competing with other children. Many of my students with ADHD have also won the “Student of the Week” award on multiple occasions.

A Focus on Individual Growth

Taekwondo is a fantastic substitute for team sports. Team sports are highly competitive and your child may struggle with the pressure of failing his or her team. Taekwondo develops the child by placing focus on self-improvement.

Making Friends and Building Confidence

I guess I cheated on this one but even though this post is called 5 reasons why Taekwondo helps children with ADHD, friendships and confidence go hand in hand so it made sense to double up on this point. West Coast Taekwondo is a community of optimistic minded people. Our coaches and students are forever supporting each-others development in the sport and in life.

A Quick Closing Note

Recently, a student of mine with ADHD had came into our class for the second time. At first she was shy. However, as soon as she arrived this week, she was playing with the other children and communicating openly. By taking part just like everybody else, she wasn’t just a Taekwondo student. She was apart of our team of ninjas!

If You Enjoyed Taekwondo Helps Children with ADHD, You May Also Like…


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Also, you may wish to access two free lessons with West Coast Taekwondo by clicking here.

Speak soon!

Coach Gethin Rhys James


Martial Arts in Carmarthen

West Coast Taekwondo has been offering martial arts in carmarthen since September 2017. In just over six months, we now have three classes in three different locations around Carmarthen. At the time of posting this blog, the classes are:

  • JUNIOR KICKERS: 5pm at Abergwili Church Hall

If you have a child who wishes to learn martial arts in Carmarthen, this epic class for 6 to 12 year old kids is for you! This class offers more than basic self-defense. The class features activities which are designed to improve a child’s focus and physical literacy.

“Alex has been going the last few months and really enjoys. He has made new friends and is really improving with his coordination, he has dyspraxia so the discipline and focus of Taekwondo is helping him greatly. Gethin is a great teacher, very encouraging to all his pupils, making the class fun with discipline at the same time. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking for a fun and focused activity. Thank you.”

Karen Kilburn, Taekwondo Parent

  • TAEKWONDO FAMILIES: 7pm at Trinity Sports Centre 

The class at Trinity Sports Centre is one of our most popular class. Although it is mainly made up of adults and older teenagers, a junior student will not feel out of place. Many of our students absolutely love our stand alone punch bags!

“Fantastic instructor! Gethin has underpinning scientific knowledge that make his sessions enjoyable, relevant and beneficial. Whether you’re a novice or a serious competitor, Gethin’s background and experience within the sport and sporting world, ensure his sessions cater for all.”

Marcus Twine, World Championship Finalist

martial arts in carmarthen

  • TAEKWONDO FAMILIES: 6.30pm at Model School

Model School is our second family friendly Taekwondo class. As this session is relatively new, we are currently averaging 9 to 11 students per class. For this reason, many new beginners feel very relaxed in this environment.

“Brilliant instructor I’ve signed up all 3 children to his taekwondo classes, he is great with the children, helps give them confidence & gives everyone such a warm welcome, we look forward to his classes every week – a 5 star instructor!!!”

Fiona Tymons, Taekwondo Parent

When it Comes to Martial Arts in Carmarthen, We’re Your Go To!


Click here to access 2 free trial lessons

Click here to learn about our organization. The TAGB has 30,000 members nation wide!



The Original Korean Karate Hits Carmarthen

Welcome to a Carmarthen Karate class with a Korean twist! Derived from Karate, Taekwondo was formed for the Korean military. Taekwondo was once used as an effective form of attacking but has now been re-purposed for self-defence.

The Origins of Karate

Karate is a Japanese word meaning “empty hand.” It originated on the Okinawa island.

The Okinawa style of martial art was formed as a method of self-defence when weapons were banned by the invading Japanese military.

Settlers of Okinawa during that time include people from South East Asia, China and Japan. Each of these groups had contributed to the birth of Karate.

Evolution of the Art

In 1905, Karate was put into the Japanese education system. In 1917, Funukoshi gave his first public demonstration. Funukoshi was the founder of Shotokan Karate.

Karate Moves to Korea

Choi Hong Hi was a Korean man who moved to Japan to study. He studied English and mathematics. He also studied Shotokan Karate under Funukoshi.

Fast forward to the later part of his military career. It was 1955 and Choi had assembled a demonstration team to tour China and Vietnam. He was promoting his own Martial Art, Taekwondo.

What is the Main Difference Between Original Karate and Taekwondo? 

Karate was originally formed for self defence. Furthermore, it placed heavy emphasis on striking with the hands as combat mainly took part in marsh land.

Taekwondo was put forward as a method of unarmed attack. It was a weapon for the South Korean military. It placed more emphasis on kicks for the following reasons:

  1. Kicking down on opponents whilst fighting on a hill.
  2. Knocking enemy troops off their horses by using jumping kicks.
  3. Jumping over one person for the purpose of striking somebody else on the other side.

Method number 3 is known as the flying high kick. It was one of the most impressive feats that a member of General Choi’s demonstration team had performed.

What is Taekwondo Now?

Taekwondo is know used as a way of self-defence. Furthermore, Taekwondo is a fantastic tool for building discipline, improving confidence and developing all aspects of fitness.

We teach the style of Taekwondo at our Carmarthen Karate classes.

What do Our Students Say About Our Carmarthen Karate Class?

“Alex has been going the last few months and really enjoys. He has made new friends and is really improving with his coordination, he has dyspraxia so the discipline and focus of Taekwondo is helping him greatly. Gethin is a great teacher, very encouraging to all his pupils, making the class fun with discipline at the same time. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking for a fun and focused activity 🙂 Thank you”

Karen Kilburn, Parent.

“My son has been attending with Gethin since September 2017. Gethin has a fantastic rapport with children and my sons confidence and self esteem has improved greatly. Not only is my son having fun and keeping fit but he is also learning discipline and has his first grading in the very near future! I thoroughly recommend West Coast Taekwondo. Keep up the good work Gethin.”

Heidi Bassett, Parent.

“Brilliant instructor I’ve signed up all 3 children to his Taekwondo classes, he is great with the children, helps give them confidence & gives everyone such a warm welcome, we look forward to his classes every week – a 5 star instructor!!!”

Fiona Tymons, Parent.

For more awesome reviews on our Carmarthen Karate class, please visit our facebook page or you can find us on Google.

However, if you’re ready to take the first step, click here!

We look forward to seeing you in class!