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Welcome to the West Coast Taekwondo Bully Resources.

The following post provides parents and guardians with our best videos, blog posts and partnerships we have regarding bullying.

Resource No. 1: How to Keep a Bullying Journal

First of all, it is essential that you document all incidents. This helps to monitor the frequency of bullying and can be used as evidence against those accountable.


Resource No. 2: A Parents Guide to Dealing With Bullies

Next up, it’s time to map out a plan. This next post is a step by step guide on the effective actions that you can take to put a full stop to bullying.


Resource No. 3: Build Your Childs Confidence

When the dilemma ends, it’s not over for the child. Your child may struggle with confidence issues after a series of bullying incidents. That is why we’ve thrown this post in the mix!


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Looking at Activities for Kids in Carmarthen?

So, it’s after school and your child is lazing away in front of the TV, IPad or Xbox. You know there’s activities for kids in Carmarthen but you’re busy exhausting yourself with cleaning the house or cooking dinner.

We have the most accessible activities in town…

Our aim at West Coast Taekwondo is to keep kids active, build their confidence and introduce them to a boat load of new friends. As a bonus, your kids will learn life saving self-defence.

All whilst making life easier for you…

We’re Just Ten Minutes Away

You may find our enjoyable and energetic activities for kids in Carmarthen in one of our four classes which are distributed around the local area.


5PM At Abergwili Church Hall

7PM At Trinity Sports Centre


4.45PM At Tumble Hall

6.30PM At Model School

What Will You Do Whilst Your Kids are Taking Part in Our Activities in Carmarthen?

Okay, so the class is just one hour long. However, our coaches are always there fifteen minutes before the class.

You don’t have to stay here and watch!

You can crack on with your household tasks without your child distracting you. That means you’ll be finished in time for a cup of coffee.

Super Parents Bring their Children to West Coast Taekwondo

They know that their children are learning self defence, burning energy and getting stronger.

They know that our coaches are trained in physical literacy and improve children’s balance, coordination and other aspects of movement.

Finally, our parents are big fans of how much discipline and focus our little Ninjas achieve.

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Cyber Bullying and Online Harassment

Cyber bullying and online harassment can happen 24/7. Due to automation, somebody you know may be bullied persistently and those who are responsible may partake in this form of bullying in secret. Out of all forms of bullying, cyber bullying is the most difficult to spot.

Cyber  Bullying and Online Harassment May Happen on Multiple Platforms

Social networks are growing in number and in popularity. Although Facebook is the most popular platform with 2.2 billion monthly users, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are massivly popular with teenagers and younger adults.

You may use Whats App, Facebook Messenger or SMS to contact your friends and family. A bully may use these services to cause harm.

What Classes as Cyber Bullying?

It is highly lightly that you know someone who has been given grief online. Any abusive language or gesture is classed as cyber bullying. Threats and identity theft are also common. People may also upload videos or photographs of you or somebody you know.

How Do You Deal with the Issue?

You are unable to track who the culprit is but the police can. They may use data from hosting companies or API keys to find out where the bullying originates from.

This form of harassment is illegal and should be stopped at the heart of the incident. This is not something that the school may be able to deal with. You must call the authorities.

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