How to Deal with a Home Intruder

Today, we have a new video called how to deal with a home intruder.

Although Carmarthen is a safe place, it is still crucial to have an action plan for if someone does break into your home. Furthermore, this is not just a simple video on martial arts. There are other safety related factors that come into play.

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Step 1

Keep your most valuable possessions upstairs. If you live on one floor, keep your most valuable possessions in the bedrooms.

Step 2

Keep a baseball bat, a cricket bat or any long blunt object at your bed side.

Step 3

If there’s an intruder, find him. Casually walk around your home whilst holding the bat. Don’t sneak or shout. You don’t want to startle the burglar as he or she may respond aggressively. Hold the bat with both hands and hold it up in front of you to keep the intruder away if he or she decides to attack.

Step 4

Start talking. Negotiate with the burglar. Allow him to take downstairs items but tell him to remain away from the top floor. This will keep the burglar away from your family and away from your most important assets.

Keep the doors clear for him or her to run away.

If the burglar attacks, you have the bat. Land the strike!

If the burglar doesn’t meet your demands and attempts to venture into the closed off areas of your home, land the strike!

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What to do When Terror Strikes

When Terror Strikes has been uploaded to provide a more detailed distribution on the Run, Hide, Tell protocol.

The video provides additional details such as avoiding bottlenecks whilst running away so that you don’t get jammed in the crowd. The video also explains more about effective hiding and how we should barricade a door.

People may believe that the police will distinguish between civilians and terrorist. In actually, they will remain firm and until the area is secure and they have identified who everyone is.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!

From the 9/11 attacks of 2001 to the bombings in Manchester of 2017, terrorism may always be present in our society but we can avoid being the victim.

First, alarm bells! What do you hear? An explosion, a gun shot or a scream? You may witness armed assailants or see an attacker with a knife.


Run away promptly. Advise others to do the same but don’t let them hold you back. Leave all belongings behind and choose a clear path away from the premises. The path should…

  1. Avoid the terrorists
  2. Stay clear of bottle necks
  3. Be safe in regards to structural integrity i.e. Avoid deep water, brittle floor structures and other distracting stimulus if possible.


Running is not always an option. Therefore, you must hide. In this step, barricade yourself into a room.

Notice that the image above features a larger object pinning the door shut as smaller item aid in the making this barricade more sturdy.

From there, make your way to the center of the room. It is important to stay away from all windows and doors.

Ensure that all phones are switched to silent and remain perfectly quiet. Do not respond to any outside noises and note that you may be in hiding for quite some time.


You must one phone the authorities if it is safe to do so. You should be off the premises at this point and far away from potential danger.


The authorities will send an armed team to you destination. They will be firm and aggressive but do exactly as they ask. At this stage, they are unable to distinguish between terrorist and civilians.

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Dealing With Someone Who Has Road Rage

Hey warriors, so we are going to talk about dealing with someone who has road rage. Our new video is live. It’s called Road Rage by Carmarthen Martial Arts and it tackles one of the most common issues in self defence. Here’s the issue, not many people talk about it!

We’ve all been there, someone cuts us up in traffic, a dude in front drives 40mph in a 70 zone or there’s congestion. So, a rational person such as yourself may be able to handle this rage fairly well. You must be able to manage irrational people.

Many drivers struggle with such unbearable rage that they gather clouded judgment. You may be dealing with an angry driver despite doing nothing wrong. It’s unfair but true.

This is a fairly long video so grab yourself a coffee and some snacks.

Note that you are unable to negotiate with an individual who has road rage. You can’t negotiate with crazy!

Appreciation of the highway code will give you reassurance from a legal stand point. However, dealing with the task in hand is a different matter.

When some geezer screams his nut off at you, there may not be a clear reason why. If you’re told to pull over, do it. An irrational driver is prone to crashing and you don’t want that driver to crash into you as your car is rolling.

Now, what I’m about to say will NOT defuse his rage but this tactic will allow you to escape the scenario.

Once the enraged driver has pulled up and left his vehicle, pull off immediately, if it’s safe to do so. If the driver has pulled up in front of you, reverse until you can see his back wheels. From there, you can make a quick escape.

In some circumstances, the enraged driver may get back in his vehicle and find you. It’s now time to drive to a public destination such as a high street. There more witnesses, the better.

Park in the high street and lock all doors. Position yourself in the center of your car and phone the police. The enraged driver may attack your car, shout abuse and make a scene. However, the police should arrive shortly, and you’d be safe from physical harm.

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Prevent Being Mugged

It is important to have a plan to prevent being mugged. The plan must be based on proactive instincts. You may read the plan below to develop your instincts but you may wish to scroll to the bottom of this post to watch the “Prevent Being Mugged” video.

Being Pr0-Active Against Being Reactive

A reactive person does not have the appropriate training. The reactive person panics and places him or herself in more danger. Being proactive is centered around a person’s training. A proactive person responds appropriately as he or she has a built in emergency procedure to deal with these issues.

Know the Location

To prevent being mugged in the first place, it is sensible to walk through public spots such as high streets and shopping centers. There are certain areas that can be avoided such as tunnels, quiet car parks and shaded areas. A commuter may find that it is difficult to avoid these areas. If this is the case, try to walk in environments during the daylight hours.

Pass Over Your Wallet

The person being mugged should find that the negotiation fairly simple. If the mugger is armed, pass over your wallet. If you’re unsure, pass over your wallet. A victim can rebuild the money that he or she has lost and can cancel all credit cards. Health takes priority over cash.

When passing over your wallet, drop it on the ground. That way, you will distract the mugger and you can run away quickly.

Stay Aware

If the mugger is wearing baggy clothing, it is easy for him or her to conceal a weapon. When a weapon is a bladed instrument such as a knife or screw driver, the mugger may hide it in one hand. Before attacking, the mugger may draw the arm back ready to lash out.

Don’t be a Hero

It is important to stress how daft it is to attack an armed assailant. Do not strike the mugger if he or she is potentially armed. After all, is the paper in your wallet really worth your life?

The person being threatened may strike if the mugger definitely doesn’t have a weapon. However, the potential victim should have a chance against the mugger.

The only sensible time for a victim to fight is when the mugger attempts to take him or her away.


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