Empowering Your Child to Avoid Danger

Empowering your child to avoid danger is the way forward. A child knows the abductor 52% of the time. The stranger danger concept is flawed. An alternative approach is needed if we are to protect children from harmful adults.

Saying No

Saying “no” is a skill that all children should learn. A child learns that he has rights when he starts to say no. The word no can help children to avoid dangerous circumstances.

When forced to cuddle or make any physical contact, a poor message is being embedded despite all innocent intentions.

Compliance is essential but choice is equally important. Choice shows children their rights and gives them a place to say no without judgment.


It is essential to have frequent conversations with your children. Conversation is a key skill in life. A child can only get what he or she needs through conversation and conversation is the ideal pathway into expressing thoughts.

Good conversation skills can help a child to resolve conflict. It is also crucial that a child learns to talk to adults. Talking to adults is important for reporting abuse of suspicious people.

A family meal is highly effective at developing conversation skills. Comradeship can be built, talking skills may develop and problematic incidents can be identified just through a simple bite to eat together. So get around the table!

Gut Feelings

Expressing gut feelings is very important at childhood. This is potentially the most prominent of empowering your child to avoid danger. More often than not, a gut feeling can rescue someone from harms way.

Empowering Your Child to Avoid Danger

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A Diary for Your Protection

This post entitled “A Diary for Your Protection” has been provoked by various incidents. The influencing factors includes first time students who have struggled with bullying and recent news.

Keeping a diary for your protection can be useful in two specific scenarios. Bullying can take place as emotional or physical abuse. In 2017, Harvey Weinstein has had action taken against him for sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is emotionally and physically damaging.

The initial counter is always the same. A diary must be kept.

Why Is Keeping a Diary Important?

A diary can help spark a persons memory when reporting incidents. The diary allows a victim to record all details of an event. Not only does a diary aid in dealing with ones abusers but it can combat corruption.

What Information do We Need to Log?

Reports in your diary should include the following sections:

  • Time and Date
  • Exact location (e.g. school canteen/ at work in my boss’s office)
  • Harmful words use
  • Destructive actions
  • What you did next
  • Who you told and their reaction
  • What was done about the event
  • How it’s had an effect on you

Diaries do not solve the problem. However, they are essential tools for solving the problem. Consider the diary as a hammer and consider the incident as a nail!

This is not the first time I’ve mentioned diaries and it won’t be the last.

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Child Safety During the Holiday

So, it’s officially the most wonderful time of the year and I know that your kids are itching to go carol singing door to door. Therefore, lets talk about child safety during the holiday season. There’s a few simple factors to consider…

Think of the child’s age!

Age has a role to play in supervision. Is your child younger than 8? Maybe it’s a great idea to supervise your child as he or she goes door to door.

Age determines boundaries. Younger children need to avoid crossing the road and venturing too far from home.

Consider the numbers!

How many children are caroling with your child? Don’t let your child go caroling alone.

Will your child have company right the way up until walking through the front door of your house?

Remember, safety in numbers.

Think of the community!

A small town makes it easier to find your child during an emergency. A larger town means stronger boundaries.

Remember, not everyone will appreciate carol singers. If you know of any house that will be offended by this practice, ensure that your child does not go there.

I’m not trying to be a buzz kill!

Honestly, I want you all to have a fun and festive winter and the advice I’m giving you will help you to avoid misfortunes. That concludes the post “Child Safety During the Holiday.”

Speak soon and hey, ensure you come by to see us soon!

Coach GRJ

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