Master Few, Not Many

 A consistent trend I’ve seen between many of the top fighters is their ability to master few, not many. As Bruce Lee once put it…

“Fear the man who has practiced one technique a hundred times, not the man who has practiced a hundred techniques.” 

By doubling down on your strengths, you see a drastic acceleration in the improvement of accuracy, power and speed. All traits needed is a fighter is to win. If a fighter thinks to broad and practices multiple techniques, he or she will not develop at the same speed. Narrow your focus.

“But Geth, we won’t be any good at our other skills?”

I see where your coming from but if your choose the right techniques to master, the other techniques will follow. For example, a side kick is great to practice on a regular basis as it can be used to attack and defend in an effective manner. Our coach Master Peros once said to me “a good side kick will get you out of any trouble.”  

I noticed that once I developed my side kick, my hips became more flexible, my thighs and glute muscles got much stronger and my supporting leg became much more stable. This resulted in an improvement in my hock kicks and turning kicks. I also believe that an axe kick is good to practice as it aids in the development of hamstring flexibility. 

So again, master few, not many. 

You may be working hard in class but please note, it only takes 5 minutes each day to see a drastic improvement in your skills. Choose one technique, even if you’re doing it because it’s your favourite, and master it. 

See you next week warrior!

Coach GRJ

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Fights Are Lost on the Attack

It’s important to understand that fights are lost on the attack. Today’s post is reliant for those wanting to compete and to those who simply want to learn how to defend themselves. 

The Disadvantages of Attacking

I can spend my full rounds working the area, moving and avoiding with no contact with my opponent what so ever. If I’m close enough to block a technique, the chances are, I’m planning on landing a strike. 

It’s important to remain close whilst attacking. When the strike reaches out, it must be done with precision and speed. You can expose yourself to being stuck yourself if this isn’t the case. By jabbing, your ribs are open. Whilst kicking, your balance is worse as your are only standing on one leg. 

A fighter is always most venerable when he or she is attacking. That is how fights are lost on the attack

Street Application

It’s always better to walk away from a threatening situation on the street. Your strike better be a good one if you’re going to strike at all! This knowledge is an advantage due to our ability to strike an opponents open guard. If someone approaches you in an aggressive manner (I.e. They are planning to attack), they need to step in your direction. This exposes their leg to an effective kick to the thigh or knee. This will instantly inhibit an opponents ability to attack you and expose them to a follow up punch to your preemptive strike.

The moral of the story is, the most aggressive fighter is not necessarily the most effective one. 

See you in class warrior! 

Coach GRJ 

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Block or Move

Do we block or move? We need to unravel the advantages and disadvantages of each. 

What is Blocking?

A block is simply a technique that involves moving a limb to defend against an attack. So, if someone throws a punch, we can divert it by blocking with our forearm. 

What Movement is Involved in Martial Arts?

Moving takes many different forms. We may Bob and Weave away from punches or step back away from kicks. 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Blocking

Blocking is useful when you are boxed in. If your opponent traps you, you need to block his or her strikes. Blocking is also useful for planning an effective counter attack. This is b cause a block is performed at a close range to the opponent. 

Blocking may sometimes open you up. If you block, you alter your guard. If you do this, you may expose your face, ribs or another vulnerable area. Therefore, blocking must be used wisely. 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Moving

Moving helps to combat the disadvantages of blocking. There is also less chance in bruising of the forearms as your body will not make contact with the opponent. However, you may often find that the safest movements will not get you close enough to your opponent to land a counter strike. 

This is more food for thought. Always know your intentions in sparing and in self defence situations. Remain mindful.

Coach GRJ

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Taekwondo and Making Friendships

Taekwondo and Making Friendships is a post I wrote to help parents notice West Coast Taekwondo as more than just a martial arts club. It is an opportunity for their children to grow their social circle and make new friends.

If you’ve agreed to start your child on the Taekwondo journey, it’s time to congratulate you. It really is an easy opportunity for your child to make a boat load of new friends in very little time. 

In club, we practice interactive drills that congregates every students effort in a team environment. Students learn to be fair to one another, to trust one another and to have fun together. 

There’s also the competitions. I’ve meet so many people whilst competing. At first, I was a blue belt meeting friends throughout the UK. Next, I started to compete internationally.

Sometimes I go on Facebook and forget who I’ve meet. I wonder why it is that someone on my account is writing in Arabic, Spanish or whatever obscure language! Then I remember where I’ve meet these people! I have friends in America, Australia, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and so many other places. 

Enrolling your child into our Taekwondo club is simply a guaranteed rout to new friendships for him or her. Please share my post on Taekwondo and Making Friendships. It may bring a child out of his or her shell!

So if you haven’t checked us out already, click here and give WCTKD a go for free! 

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See you in class!

Coach GRJ