The Tenants of Taekwondo

The tenants of Taekwondo are taught to a student very early on. They may come up as a question in the white belt to yellow stripe grading. I love the tenants because they are a great set of principles to live by. 


To be polite to your coaches, seniors and fellow students. Students show courtesy by bowing to the coach, to fellow students and to the training hall. Good manners are a must in the training hall.


To live by a moral code of ethics. A respectful attitude and a promise to only use Taekwondo for ones defence or the defence of the weak is mandatory. 


Never give up, never surrender. Students will work strenuously on perfecting their techniques. 

Self Control

To be in charge of your physical strength and your emotional stability. Advance students exercise control when they spar beginners. 

Indomitable Spirit

To have an impenetrable will. 

Here’s a question to everyone reading this post…

If you could add one more tenant to this list, what would it be and why? Leave your answer in the comments section.

I look forward to your replies! 

Coach GRJ 

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Growing Up Successfully

I’m not a parent. I have no immediate plans to have kids but as a coach, I take a great deal of interest in childhood development. This includes today’s topic, “Growing Up Successfully.”

One day, I was driving along whilst listening to Tim Ferris interview Maria Shevapova, the internationally acclaimed tennis star. You can listen to the podcast by clicking here.

Growing up successfully is dependent on three interesting factors.

Going above the child’s head

It is well known that stress equals development. Stressing the muscles with heavy barbells results in an inc ease in strength. Likewise, asking a child to memorise paragraphs or mathematical problems he or she can’t quite understands is a stressor that encourages intellectual development. Don’t conform to where a teacher says your child should be. Gently push the boundary.

Exposure to books

Your child should always have a book on the go. Fiction is best for making your child more articulate but non-fiction will teach your child to extract relevant information. Lead the way. Always have a book in your hand and ensure that your home has a shelf with a bounty of literature to choose from.


New York Times best selling author Gary Keller once said “most people can’t stand the monotony of success.” It’s not always about working hard, it’s about us strenuous repetition. To be honest, I prefer to battle on with hard work than to endure border me but exposing your child to the same monotonous stimulation each and everyday, success becomes more lightly. After all, the Empire State Building was built one brick at a time.

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What is Reality Based Self-Defence?

What is reality based self-defence? Is it Krav Maga, Mixed Martial Arts or can any style be considered as “reality based?”

Traditional martial arts are often accused of being “irrelevant” in our modern society but whatever style you chose, the kicks and punches are fairly similar. From Kung Fu to Karate, Krav Maga to Taekwondo, a Jab is a Jab.
You see, it’s not about the “style” or “techniques.” It’s about the application of movements.

what is reality based self defence

There’s Nothing New Here

Reality based self defence is not about reinventing the wheel. It’s about using effective techniques that have been around for centuries and applying them to modern day threats.

For example, people don’t challenge anyone to a fight anymore. They attack instantly and without warning. So, what is reality based self defence? What factors makes reality based self defence different?

  1. Reading body language to predict attacks
  2. Knowing when to leave a threatening situation
  3. Using effective combat techniques for self defence
What is West Coast Taekwondo’s Structure?

Yes, we do teach the traditional side of Taekwondo here at WCTKD as it is an effective way of teaching children discipline and solidifying their basic techniques but rest assure, we teach effective self-defence for all.

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Coach GRJ