What Makes West Coast Taekwondo Different?

West Coast Taekwondo was born to serve the community as a premium martial arts school, offering excellent self defence tuition and developing a beautiful community of friends.

This initial post is here to give you a full run down on our unique service, in no particular order…

1. We Focus on Prevention

Too many martial arts classes place too much stock in hitting pads and strict, stiff movements which, let’s be honest, can be dead boring for many kids! We spend time educating our students on stranger alertness, avoiding dangerous places and knowing when to run away.

2. We Teach Reality Based Self Defence

Unlike many traditional martial arts schools, we deviate away from outdated methods and consider practical skills that our students master quickly and use effectively. We want our students to be safer on the street after lesson one.

3. We Are Trained In Physical Literacy

Physical literacy is a variety of essential motor skills that a child needs for healthy athletic development. They include running, jumping, skipping, throwing, striking, agility, balance and accuracy. Through training in our clubs, children become better at all sporting disciplines.

4. We Are Apart of the TAGB

The Taekwondo Association of Great Britain (TAGB) is Europe’s largest single martial arts organisation. The TAGB is recognised by the UK’s governing body for sport (UK Sport). This ensures students that we offer credible and professional events such as gradings for new belts and good quality competitions.

5. You Get Epic Tuition

I hate to toot my own horn but I’ve been in this sport for over 19 years, spent 8 of those years representing Wales and have bagged multiple medals including a double bronze at the European Championships. Also, I apply my degree in Sports Science to my tuition in a fun and effective manner.

6. We Put Student Care First

Through our partnership with Ashbourne, we are able to offer coaching packages to suit anyone’s budget, ensure you’re getting the most out of WCTKD and even offer a special surprise to any birthday boy or birthday girl that may be present in our classes!

7. We Are Trained in Inclusion

For any individual who has a physical disability or receives extra support at school, we want to encourage you to partake in our Taekwondo classes. We’d love to have you along!

8. It Doesn’t End In Class

We want our students to engage in our exclusive Facebook group where students can help each other out with their enquirers. Also, I’m on the group every day!

Thanks for reading post one. I intend on updating this site every week so stay tuned!

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See you in class!

Coach GRJ