Year: 2017

A Diary for Your Protection

A Diary for Your Protection

This post entitled “A Diary for Your Protection” has been provoked by various incidents. The influencing factors includes first time students who have struggled with bullying and recent news. Keeping a diary for your protection can be useful in two specific scenarios. Bullying can take place as emotional or physical abuse. In 2017, Harvey Weinstein …

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Making Friends in Taekwondo

Making friends in Taekwondo is easy. Since opening West Coast Taekwondo, I’ve noticed that the community gets tighter over time. When you read the article below, it’s easy to establish why that is. In club, we practice interactive drills that congregates every students effort in a team environment. Students learn to be fair to one …

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tenants of taekwondo

The Tenants of Taekwondo

The tenants of Taekwondo are taught to students from the very start of their training. I’m confident that you’ll agree with me when I say that the tenants of Taekwondo are excellent principles to live by. Courtesy The Tenant of Courtesy asks a student to be polite to the coaches, seniors and fellow students. Students …

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Martial Arts for Children

I’m not a parent. I have no immediate plans to have kids but as a coach, I take a great deal of interest in childhood development. In the post Martial Arts for Children, I correlate best practices in childhood development with what we do at West Coast Taekwondo in Carmarthenshire. One day, I was driving …

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